A logo represents the brand of your business or website. Creating an appealing logo is not an easy business, but that’s why Agriya has a team of graphic designers whos job it is to come up with fantastic logos for companies around the world.


Icons are used on websites to help assist users in identifying what a particular link or function might do. They greatly help the usability of the website and many icon designs have become standard to denote different functions, for example a padlock icon may denote a secure area. Although there are icons available on the Internet, many companies like to create a unique set of icons that represents their business online and to give a more custom feel to their website.


Nearly all companies need to produce corporate brochures of some sort to give to their clients and how professional this looks is a reflection on your business. A brochure created by the company secretary can undo any business deal if it doesn’t project the right image. Our team of designers have a long history in creating high impact brochures that delivers your corporate message in the right way. We will take care of the colours, style and layout and deliver a high quality brochure in PDF and Word format.